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Harford County Neurodivergents

Seeing a local need in their community, Katie York founded Harford County Neurodivergents in 2022. HCN aims to build community and equip self-advocates with neurodivergent-affirming resources. There is a private Facebook group, monthly virtual meetings, and occasional in person meet ups for folks to share resources and connect with each other. 

What does neurodivergent mean?
"Neurodivergent" (often abbreviated as "ND") is an umbrella term to refer to folks whose brains deviate from the norm. Common conditions/diagnoses that are considered neurodivergent: autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, and Tourette's. The converse term is "neurotypical."

What does it mean to be "neurodivergent-affirming" ?
When folks are identified as having a condition that falls under the ND umbrella, it is often framed as a deficit and something bad that needs to be hidden or cured. HCN aims to provide accurate information and build a space for ND folks to be themselves without apology.

Is HCN just for people in Harford County, Maryland?
No! While the goal is to provide a local community for ND folk, there is a private online group for ND adults to find community and support. All ND folk are welcome.

Contact if you have questions or would like to get involved.

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