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Black History Month Spotlight: Lindsay Adams

Photo ID: Artist Lindsay Adams is crouching in front of a gray wall. Lindsay is a Black woman with a long braid. She is wearing an orange dress and poses with her hand to her chin.

Photo credit: Lindsay Adams Instagram

Lindsay Adams is a writer, disability advocate, and painter. Born in 1990 in Washington DC, Lindsay began painting at age 4.

A bit more about Lindsay in her own words:

"Over time, I’ve realized my identity is multifaceted and intersectional. No one part of me is separate from the other. Each one comes with its difficulties, but the beauty always wins.

Being disabled has shown me how strong and resilient I can be, while also reminding me of the importance of kindness. Being a Black woman has taught me fortitude, focus, and courage, and shown me the love of sisterhood and connection. Being a disabled, Black woman has taught me patience and perseverance.

While in many ways, it has forced me to leverage my tenacity and strength, even when things get particularly challenging."

“People with disabilities are often left out of the conversation,” Adams said in a statement. “[Painting] has been my own form of communication — my peace and my protest.”

More info about Lindsay Adams can be found on her website and Instagram:

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