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Black History Spotlight: Tumi Sotire

Pic Credit: Tumi Sotire Instagram

"The Black Dyspraxic," Tumi Sotire, was diagnosed with dyspraxia at age four.

Dyspraxia is sometimes called "developmental coordination disorder." It is a brain-based motor disorder. Folks with dyspraxia may have issues with gross/fine motor skills, but there is also verbal dyspraxia (problems with speech) and oral dyspraxia (problems with movement of mouth and tongue). It is estimated that 6% of the world's population is dyspraxic.

In his own words:"Living with the intersectionality of being a Black man with dyspraxia presents the challenge of disentangling whether social barriers presented are due to race or neurodivergence. Companies that are inclusive on the grounds of ethnic diversity are not necessarily organizations with neurodivergent staff."

Tumi Sotire is an award winning speaker and advocate. He is also a Research Assistant in Health Economics at the Population Health Science Institute of Newcastle University.

Photo ID: picture of Tumi Sotire, a Black masculine presenting person. They are standing in a doorway and wearing a green long sleeve shirt and dark blue pants (jeans?)

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